Ben Boozle's ship was only in "Ben Boozled" It is a dark ship and its former captain Ben Boozle tricks people onto his ship. K'nuckles and Flapjack almost were saved when he lured people to The Candy Bowl with free candy tickets and then dumping them into trapdoors, K'nuckles grabbed Flapjack because Flapjack was jumping on the trapdoors but they had to go back to save Flapjack and they both fell threw


Ben Boozle's crew is made up of Three Giants, A first mate, The Captain and many slaves Ben Boozle has tricked. Flapjack did all these jobs but the third giants job.


  • Flapjack became captain of Ben Boozle's ship, Ben Boozle was mistaken as a parot and taken by the captain of a bigger ship, Flapjack set the crew free (But K'nuckles' lock was stuck), then what happened to Ben's ship is not known.

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