Bubonic Plague
Bubonic Plague

Numerous victims of the Bubonic Plague
Victims Every resident of Stormalong Harbor, as well as Plague Island
Disease Type Contagious bacteria which inflicts physical deformities and Whooping Cough upon its victims.
First Appearance K'nuckles is a Filthy Rat

The Bubonic Plague or The Plague is a disease given by K'nuckles II and the residents of Plague Island. Like its real-world counterpart, it is a highly contagious, and often lethal infection spread through the air, contact with fleas, and touching an infected body. Like the real Plague, Stromalong's Bubonic Plague inflicts buboes upon its victims, only the Stormalong version is a caricature of grotesque. This disease is only cured by Flapjack's antibodies in his blood.

Unlike the real world Bubonic Plague, however, it seems that the plague in Stormalong lasts much longer, and has no definite fatality rate, while the real thing has a fatality of over 1,000 daily if it becomes an epidemic, and a person will die as an individual in about 4 to 6 days (and in the case of real-world pneumonatic plague, caught from airborne Y. pestis bacteria, one being guarenteed to die within hours) . Note the victims who reside on Plague Island seem to have lived for many years, considering that one has learned to play the drums (although he may of had training before becoming a victim), and another asks Flapjack if there's a cure yet, which implies that he's waited many years now (or he could just be suffering for a couple of days and be incredibly upset by it).


  • Besides Flapjack, the only one that wasn't infected was Bubbie. It doesn't affect animals (except, rats).
  • It usually happens by the rat flicking fleas at people being mean to Flapjack or him.
  • It also seems to make people disgusting looking.
  • This is similar to the Black Death at Europe at 1347-1352, except the Bubonic Plague in Flapjack does not have deaths.