Candy Cruise Blues is the 19th episode of the first season.


Flapjack pretends to steal K'nuckle's nose, causing him great panic when he awakens. K'nuckles becomes enraged at Flapjack, but Flapjack apologizes and K'nuckles forgives him. Bubbie, impressed by their manners, gives them some money to buy a snack. The two of them discover the Candy Cruise and, after discovering that they don't have enough money, stow away with K'nuckles disguised as the figurehead. But when the captain and Lady Nickelbottoms go to see the figurehead, things begin to go downhill. The captain reveals that he carved the figurehead himself to please Poseidon after, do to a mistake, he was assualted by a vicious storm of Poseidon's making. He also reveals that if anything happens to the figurehead, Poseidon will kill all of them. K'nuckles, unbothered by this, calmly reassures Flapjack that he just has to stay there forever. Flapjack then rushes away to find K'nuckles some sweets to hold up his arms. Flapjack doesn't return soon enough, and K'nuckle's arms give out. Flapkjack comes running at that moment and K'nuckles to wake up, but the captain of the ship hears him and thinks he's talking to him. The captain panics, believing that the figurehead's arms have fallen into the ocean. He then attempts to carve another figurehead, but Poseidon rises out of the sea before he can finish. He demands to be given K'nuckle's leg, but changes his mind when he discovers that K'nuckle's legs are fake. Flapjack offers Poseidon's K'nuckle's nose, planning to use the captain's boot as a decoy. Unfortunately, his plan fails and he gives Poseidon's Knuckle's real nose, with Poseidon eats before sinking back into the sea. When they for being stowaways, K'nuckles and Flapjack are forced to power the ship for the entire voyage.


  • This is the fourth appearance of Lady Nickelbottoms and first appearance of Poseidon.
  • This is the only time that Flapjack is called "Buttercup."
  • Poseidon says he doesn't make mistakes but he made a mistake thinking the captain said He hates Poseidon when he actually said desided


  • "Candy Cruise Blues" will air on June 25th at 8:30 PM.

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