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Candy Wife
Residence Stormalong Harbor, Candy Barrel
Affiliations Humanoid Pickle (close friend)
Family Peppermint Larry (husband)
Candy Daughter (adopted offspring)
Species Living candy
Occupation Trophy Wife
First Appearance "That's a Wrap!"
Voice actor silent

Candy Wife is Peppermint Larry's wife. She is made entirely of candy. Despite the other characters referring to her as "inanimate," she might be capable of moving on her own, even making sodas at the Candy Barrel.

Even though she can't speak, Larry is capable of understanding her perfectly. She has been seen threatening Peppermint Larry for so much as looking at other women (specifically, a Gingerbread Woman).


The Candy Wife has a large multicolor cotton  candy head and two flat, swirly peppermints for eyes. Her hair and lips are fashioned from red licorice. She wears a long purple dress and carries around what appears to be a large lollipop. Additionally, she sports an expensive assortment of candy jewelry, such as a gold crown with rock candy embedded in its sides and rings.  Her fingernails are made of candy corn. Her shawl is made of cotton candy. Her necklace is made of what appears to be a candy bracelet. Her rings are made of ring pops (candy rings). She is often shown in claymation

Relationship with Peppermint Larry

The marriage of Peppermint Larry and Candy wife can be called turbulent at the best. Candy Wife often mistreats Larry in some way. She has even pranked him with pickle juice, which Larry dislikes. She also disapproved of his hideous fish haircut, screaming loudly in response.

However, despite all this, she has been shown to get jealous of other women. When Peppermint Larry was looking a Gingerbread Woman, she was immensely upset. There was one instance where Candy Wife was actually drawn as a cartoon, specifically in the episode Eye See You, when she is seen peeking out from an open door. Candy Wife is mostly shown as a real candy sculpture, however.

Sometimes you can see candy wife actually moving in some of the episodes.

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