Cast/ Crew Job Characters Voiced (if any)
Mark "Thurop" Van Orman Creator, Voice Actor, Writer, Artist Flapjack, Mrs. Tummy Tums
Pendleton Ward Writer, Artist Assorted Sailors
Kent Osborne Writer, Artist Assorted
JG Quintel Writer, Director
Ghostshrimp writer, artist
John Infantino writer, artist
Mike Roth writer artist
Patrick McHale writer artist
Cole Sanchez artist
Roz Ryan voice actor Bubbie
Brian Doyle-Murray voice actor Captain K'nuckles, K'nuckles Dad
Jeff Bennett voice actor

Peppermint Larry , Slippery Pete, Lady Nickelbottoms,

Steve Little voice actor Doctor Barber , Lolly Poopdeck, The Moon
Kevin Michael Richardson voice actor assorted
J. K. Simmons voice actor Poseidon
Daran Norris voice actor Dock Hag, assorted
Billy West voice actor Assorted
S. Scott Bullock voice actor Captain Handthony , Charles
Richard McGonagle voice actor Eight-Armed Willy
Pernelle Hayes producer


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