Colonel Snaggleberry Furrington Nickelbottoms
Current Mayor of Stormalong
First Appearance
Rye Ruv Roo

Colonel is a dog.


 n the episode "Rye Ruv Roo", Lady Nicklebottoms was devastated when she lost Colonel (which just turns out that Charles, jealous of Colonel, threw him into the ocean).

Flapjack, feeling bad for Lady Nickelbottoms, came dressed as Colonel, which effectively fooled both Charles and Lady Nickelbottoms.

K'nuckles found the real Colonel in Stormalong Harbor and quickly bonded with him after seeing the Colonel's amazing back flip (despite throwing the dog into the sea earlier in the episode). K'nuckles later returned Colonel to his rightful owner, Lady Nickelbottoms.

At the end of the episode, K'nuckles asks the dog what he plans to do now, and it was clear to the viewers that the dog was thinking about becoming mayor of Stormalong (due to the issue of Stormalong Scuttlebutt that appeared showing Colonel at City Hall).

Colonel actually becomes mayor in Mayor May Not, his first appearance talking.


  • Colonel's trademark trick is flipping.
  • His dog breed is unconfirmed, however, he strongly resembles a pug, except for a lack of the trademark curly tail.
  • Unusually, he had a tendency to make others jealous (such as Charles) by consuming all of the attention.
  • He was previously owned by Lady Nickelbottoms.
  • Oddly, Colonel has an unhealthy attraction to Lolly Poopdeck.
  • Colonel's flip has become an internet meme, in which the song Shooting Stars and a space background are added to a loop of him flipping.

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