When Captain K'nuckles and Bubbie's relationship comes to a bitter end, K'nuckles is kicked out and forced to live in a box next to the Candy Barrel.


K'nuckles Suitcase 001
K'nuckles about to leave Bubbie starts yelling at K'nuckles, so he decides to show Flapjack how to make Bubbie feel sympathetic for him so he could get out of work. He pretends he's going to leave, but once her does, Bubbie actually kicks him out, and he goes off on his own. The next morning, Flapjack asks Peppermint Larry if he saw K'nuckles, and Peppermint Larry brings him to a box outside where K'nuckles is staying with only a small table in the middle.
K'nuckles new home 001

Flapjack at K'nuckles' new home

Flapjack sits down with K'nuckles, and K'nuckles lets him share the candy that Peppermint Larry let him scavenge out of leftover candy wrappers. Flapjack finally discovers how good candy is, and decides to use K'nuckles's sympathy tricks by going door-to-door and pretending he's a homeless boy with no food. He succeeds and goes back home to Bubbie, who starts to get worried about K'nuckles. Meanwhile, K'nuckles has trouble falling asleep and starts singing a lonesome song.

Bubbie asks Flapjack if he thinks it's time for K'nuckles to come back home, but Flapjack says that he's got a great new place and he's fine living on his own. He decides to try the sympathy trick again, but people ignore his request for candy. Flapjack then gets worried about K'nuckles and puts an ad in the newspaper requesting a strong pirate to protect a whale and a young boy so K'nuckles would read it and come home.
Many people 001

The Many People that answered Flapjack and Bubbie's ad

However, many people come to take the request. But then, K'nuckles comes by, not because he saw the ad, but because he wanted to come home. Everyone leaves, and K'nuckles stays home for good.


  • K'nuckles Song 002

    "Cause Your Warm Insides Makes Me Warm Inside"_K'nuckles

    The first time K'nuckles sings in an episode. However, he also sings in the end credits of "Who's that Man in the Mirror"
  • This is one other episode that hints K'nuckles still likes Candy-Wife. When he moved into the crate outside the Candy Barrel he made a "peep hole" for himself to spy on her. He blushes in embarrassment when Flapjack looks through the hole and sees Candy-Wife.
  • This was first titled as "Goodbye, Cap'n".
  • The first time Bubbie kicked out K'nuckles. The second episode was Lead Em and Weep.
  • The line "Do You See" was heard again since Oh Brother, twenty-five episodes ago. But looked different than before.
  • The episodes reproduces divorce cases, Flapjack being taken by one of his parents, having short time to stay with the other.
  • It's part one of the special that K'Nuckles got kicked out for the first time