Flapjack wakes up in the middle of the night to write in his secret diary. K'nuckles wakes up and finds him.
Flapjack's Diary

Flapjack's Old Damp Diary(Damp because of K'nuckles's armpit sweat because he is disgusting)

Upon discovering that Flapjack has a secret diary, he immediately assumes that it's all about him, praising him for everything. He swears by all the oceans in the Seven Seas that he'll find the diary and read it. The next night, using a lamp disguise from a private investigator, he spies on Flapjack and finds out where his diary is hidden. The next day, he gets Flapjack to leave by telling him that counting birds is a game. K'nuckles attempts to read the diary, but he can't. Bubbie wakes up suddenly and K'nuckles hides, dropping the diary. Bubbie picks it up and begins reading it out loud, even though she knows how wrong it is. At first, she only finds praise about herself written in the diary, but after a while she finds an entry about her breath smelling extra-bad. Flapjack returns after she finishes reading it, and Bubbie angrily accuses him of saying that her breath smells bad, revealing that she read it in his diary. Flapjack is saddened, so Bubbie promises never to invade his privacy again. Much to K'nuckle's annoyance, Flapjack decides to hide his diary in a new super-secret hiding place. The next day, K'nuckles can't find the diary. But then he claims to Bubbie that Flapjack has been writing about her again, so she finds it for him. K'nuckles begins making up several lies that Flapjack supposedly wrote as he reads aloud, causing Bubbie to cry. Flapjack returns suddenly and, upon seeing Bubbie and K'nuckles reading his diary, decides to become a hermit. At first, he enjoys the life of a hermit. But after reading the diary entry of a monkey (which was written on a banana peel), and the monkey runs off, Flapjack begins to miss Bubbie and K'nuckles. The two of them immediately show up, revealing that they had been watching him all that time. Bubbie promises never to read Flapjack's diary again and K'nuckles adds that he can't even read. In the end, Flapjack's diary is stolen by the monkey.

Captain K'nuckles(song)

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