Dock Hag is a recurring character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackShe is an elderly woman in charge of enforcing the laws of Stormalong Harbor. She is usually handing out tickets to those who violate the code of conduct, and also works as the owner of the Petting Zoo


She was once married to Peppermint Larry's daughter, but their relationship apparently ended since she later married a Chocolate Man.

In the episode, "Behind the Curtain", it is shown that she has a very large crush on K'nuckles, up to the extent of having a K'nuckles doll (made up of his dock tickets) named "Captain Knuckies". Dock Hag doesn't show violence against Flapjack alone, only when he's with K'nuckles, most likely because he isn't old enough to pay taxes yet.

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