residence stormalong harbor
owner Dock Hag
appeared in beard buddies and behind the curtain

Dock hag lives in these house.Dock hag has a handmade doll of captain K'nuckles because she has a deep crush on him.Dock Hag likes to play with the captain knuckles doll during playing time.The house is owned by Dock Hag,the one that runs Stormalong harbor.The house is seen in the episode:beard buddies and behind the curtain.In the episode of behind the curtain,Dr.Julius Barber was pretending to be dead so that Dock Hag could not find him.Captain Knuckles and Flap went inside the house for the first time and they even found Dr.Barber playing possom,pretending to be dead in the basement.Inside the house,there is also a small door that you can see and open it and u will see a hungry shark.

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