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Doctor Julius Barber
Residence Stormalong Harbor, Barber Shop
Affiliations The Sweepers (employees)
Monster Barber (creation)
Family Mother (Lives in a Drawer)

Monster Barber (creation)

Species Human
Occupation Barber,
Surgeon, possible mad scientist
First Appearance Shave and a Haircut: Two Friends!
Voice actor Steve Little
Dr. Julius Barber is the local doctor, surgeon, and barber in Stormalong Harbor. He is one of the many characters that doesn't know how to read, as revealed in the episode Shave and a Haircut: Two Friends! It was revealed that he performs surgery in the episode K'nuckles is a Filthy Rat. He mentioned performing "medical experiments" upon the victims of Bubonic Plague with the eerie implication that he is not a real doctor. However, at the end of K'nuckles is a Filthy Rat, he was shown with a syringe, and he knew that Flapjack carried a natural immunity (antibody) to Bubonic Plague in his blood, and used it to cure the citizens of Stormalong. Ironically, his hands are very grotesque and deformed and he does not wear gloves while operating. He is also known to mesmerize his customers (and/or patients) with the hot towel treatment. His prices are:

Doctor Barber's hands up-close

  • Shave - 25 cents
  • Hair Cut - 50 cents
  • Shave & a Hair Cut - 2 bits
  • Hot Towel - 10 cents

In the episode 100 Percensus, it is revealed that Doctor Barber lives with his mother, his mother lives in one of the drawers on the blue dresser. This was again confirmed in Mind the Store, Don't Look in the Drawer. He, as well as Peppermint Larry, is known to have some sort of unknown gum disease. Doctor Barber also calls himself a man of science, but really if he can't cure someone, he shoves a harpoon through them. His barber shop and doctor's office are right next to each other and he constantly refers his patients and customers to his other office. As we know so far, his hands are digustingly hideous. Doctor Barber also has a tendency to say "Hmm" and/or "yes" in between sentences. He also contains a creature in his basement, which he must feed hair.

Doctor Barber's first name finally revealed as Julius in the episode Mind The Store, Don't Look in the Drawer.



  • Dr. Barber: Hmm... yes...
  • I'm a Doctor/Barber, not a Veterinarian/Barber
  • Yes, yes, stand over the drain like a good boy.
  • (When he works to hypnotize someone): Hypnotize...Hypnotize...Hypnotize....Hypnotize....Hypnotize....( he pronounces it as HIP-NO-THIGHS)
  • (Before administering the hot towel treatment:) Now, this may feel a little hot. L-like a, like a hot towel on your face.
  • Everything's comatose roses... (A possible reference to Black's 1986 single "Everything's coming up roses")
  • She won't destroy me... if she thinks that I'm already dead... hmmm *thud*
  • Now hand over the boy so I can give him a haircut.*removes barber scissors from secret knife compartment*.


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