Fish Heads is the 15th episode of the first season.


The episode begins with the Dock Hag sweeping the dock. Two filthy sailors laugh at her, so she pushes them off the dock. She then notices candy wrappers from Flapjack and K'nuckles and forces them to clean up fish heads as community service.

Later, at the Candy Barrel, the two try to pay Peppermint Larry with fish heads, but he refuses. Doctor Barber sees the heads and asks K'nuckles where they got them, and offers to pay for more. K'nuckles refuses, later explaining to Flapjack that they can sell the fish heads and keep all of the money.

They try to sell the fish heads for all sorts of things, including tap shoes and a "romantic" bedroom set. The venture fails, so they decide to see what Doctor Barber wanted with the fish heads. The duo then sneak into Doctor Barber's Barber Shop/hospital to find him talking to a pile of old hair. Flapjack says that "he thought Peppermint Larry was lonely." and they try to leave.

A large pile of hair with a fish's head (hence the reason for Doctor Barber's interest in the fish heads) blocks their way, and Doctor Barber reveals that he is trying to create a breed of elite fish-headed barbers. The creatures escape and cause pandemonium umong Stormalong, giving all of the people and buildings bad haircuts. Doctor Barber panicks, apalled that his creations are horrible barbers. Flapjack notices a bunch of cats stuck in a net and frees them in the hopes that the cats will eat the fish-headed monstrosities.

His plans works, until the cats cough up hairballs and the fish-headed barbers reassemble themselves as one three-headed monster. Flapjack and K'nuckles, thinking they are doomed, prepare to eat their last piece of candy, hidden in one of K'nuckle's teeth. Meanwhile, the dock hag confronts the monster and forces it to clean the mess it made.

Later, at the Candy Barrel, K'nuckles praises Flapjack for saving the town until one of the sailors points out that it was the Dock Hag that stopped the monster, and everyone walks out. Peppermint Larry tells K'nuckles to pay for their drinks, and K'nuckles tries to use his tooth. The three laugh, and Doctor Barber asks K'nuckles if he has more. The three laugh, and the rest of K'nuckle's teeth fall out and hang from more chains.


This episode, reveals of K'nuckles' removable teeth from a previous short.

This is the first real appearnce of the Monster Babers since Eye Sea You.

Doctor Barber has an antagonoist role in this episode. This may mean he is the main villian of the series.

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