Flapjack is cooped up inside Bubbie playing with fish dolls and Bubbie thinks he needs to get outside and make some real friends. Lolly Poopdeck then arrives and gives Flapjack a letter, which was actually fake and sent from Bubbie.Upon reading it Flapjack discovers it is an invitation to a kid his age's party. Flapjack arrives at the party thinking the birthday boy is actually a girl named Kelly. Kelly and the guests make fun of Flap's appearance, such as his turtle neck and curls. They then share stories about a boy and a wierd old man and a beastly creature that describes Flapjack, Bubbie, and K'nuckles. Flapjack is horrified by this and after K'nuckles is apprehended by the police for being a weirdo, Flapjack neglects Bubbie and K'nuckles. Later on in the episode Kelly and the kids go whale tipping,Flapjack stands up for Bubbie and K'nuckles and sticks to them.