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The Footburn

The Footburn
Victims Captain K'nuckles,
Disease Type UV-inflicted, solar based Gangrene disease.
First Appearance Footburn (episode)


The representation (The toes) (This is also the title card)

Footburn is a severe and often devastating disease in Stormalong Harbor. It is primarily caused by overexposure to the UV rays of the sun. If not treated quickly, it will cause an infected person's feet to literally rot off. Although it is technically an epidermal disease caused by the sun's rays, it actually works and looks more like Gangrene. The only known cure is Whale Kisses brand ointment, which costs ninety nine pence. Once rubbed on Footburn infected feet, it removes all symptoms on contact.

Like other Stormalong diseases, footburn, has a basis in real world applications it can be representational of modern day three-degree burns (causes bleeding and rotting)