Footburn is the 7a episode of the first season.


Flapjack and K'nuckles go to the 99 pence store and get footburn after eating expired candy and on a trolley, Flapjack gets his footburn cured but K'nuckles sinks the trolley and puts out his footburn and Young K'nuckles makes a apearence and also doesWart Witch/Trolley Witch who pushes k'nuckles of stormalong and a squid eats him like he did to her.

Good Outcome

  • Flapjack & K'nuckles come across a barrel full of candy.
  • Both of Flap's and Captain's foot burn are cured with Whale Kisses.

Bad outcome

K'nuckles gets eaten by a squid after being pushed off the harbor.

Neutral outcome

They end up at the 99 pence store


  • Flapjack could not walk to Bubbie because of his footburn but the first time they're in the trolley, they're walking on their hands.
  • K'nuckles said he would burn up in flames if he had footburn too long but footburn is actually solar based gangrene.
  • A kid version of K'nuckles is shown in this episode.
  • When Flapjack said "There's your rat friend, K'nuckles Jr." it was a still picture. But on Cartoon Network Video, it was a CGI animated rat.

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