Glubbie is a sweet looking giant squid who only appeared in "Whale Times". She was seperated from the people who lived in her at some point before the show began by Harvey. She seems to be exactly like Bubbie except she's a cepholapod and Bubbie's a sea-mammal. After eating Harvey (Who had been shrunken to 1/4 bubbies size after she threw him into the laundry machinery at Laundry island and bleached) She was reunited with the explorers at the end of the episode. Captain K'nuckles mistook her for Bubbie, evidenced by the fact that he was standing on top of her with his dirty laundry and said "hey, where's the blowhole on this thing?" After the episode ended, the entire screen went black and you heard K'nuckles say "found it" [implying he was referring to her back-end].

Physical Appearance

A royal purple squid with shiny black eyes and a small beak.


Presumably much like Bubbie, friendly and caring.


  • Possibly her only enemy is Harvey. Sperm whales eat giant squid afterall.
  • Despite Glubbie and Bubbie being alike, their names sound alike.