How the West was Fun is an episode of Flapjack from Season 1.

In this episode Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles, and Bubbie sail out into The Wessst, facing hallucination, hobos, and, other horrendous dangers in search of Candied Island.


It's Flapjack's birthday, and Bubbie gives Flapjack a pencil, which he then proceeds to use to draw a face on his foot. Bubbie tells K'nuckles to teach Flapjack about the directions on a compass. On it, the generic North, South, and East were written. However, a blank area where West would have been was clearly visable. Flapjack, out of curiosity asks why that was blank.

K'nuckles explains to Flapjack that The Wessst is dangerous, and Flapjack thinks that it contains Candied Island. So they head west as a birthday gift for Flapjack. Oblivious to the burning ships in the background, Flapjack commends his birthday and one could easily tell his excitement. Around that point, they run into the Westman, who looks at them, shapes his fingers into a little "w", and hisses at them "Wessssssst". K'nuckles warns Flapjack that whenever a person says "west", something weird will happen. At that point, a giant sea monster with a shield-shaped face sees them and says "Did you say west?". Flapjack accidentally utters the forbidden direction's name again, and two giant mermaids with cat-like ears appear, and the male one stated "look, Martha, tandemn travelers, trioed by a floating whale". When Flapjack says west again, an Asian man riding an Archelon sea turtle appears holding a french fry, and offers it to them, but they turned him down. As Bubbie swam off, Flapjack promised to never say west again, and a giant Sloane Viperfish appears and eats the three previous creatures. Bubbie mentions that they have to turn back because they're running low on essentials and overall enthusiasm. K'nuckles confirms the statement, mentioning he was currently wearing his last pair. A close-up of his clothing reveals he was wearing denim overalls with the word "enthusiasm" embroidered upon them. A Honkey-tonk choir could be heard singing "overall enthusiasm" repeatedly. The next morning, K'nuckles wakes up on a raft, and Flapjack reveals that he told Bubbie to go home because he cared for her concerns: Flap brought K'nuckles with him because two faces he drew on his hands told him to. Due to the fact that they had not had a drink of water since they left, K'nuckles and Flapjack begin to drink seawater and have a nightmare-like hallucination. Bubbie comes back into the Wessst and takes Flapjack and K'nuckles home. Bubbie gives Flapjack a metal 'W' to put on the compass, and K'nuckles reveals that he sold the compass for a bottle of maple syrup. He takes the 'w' and uses it as a bottle opener, as Flapjack signs off the episode by saying "the West was fun".


  • When Flap shouts "this is the west birthday ever", his mouth doesn't move.
  • In this episode, seawater is revealed to be a severe hallucinogen, while in real life, it causes dehydration. Side effects of dehydration include severe hallucinations
  • Despite the fact that K'nuckles wore overalls in this episode, he once stated that "pants are for sissies" (in the episode That's a Wrap).