I'm So Proud of Me is the 39rd episode of the middle season.


The episode begins with Flapjack rescuing Candy Wife after she begins melting. As a reward, he gets his picture in the newspaper. Unfortunately, the picture looks "goofy", causing everyone to make fun of him and accuse him of being a goof. K'nuckles is disgraced, due to the fact that he's "the guy who raised the goofy kid".

In order to make K'nuckles proud, Flapjack plans to save someone again and then get his picture in the paper with a non-goofy expression. First, K'nuckles and Lolly Poopdeck pretend to get into a fight so Flapjack can break it up. But no one is impressed by this. Next, K'nuckles pretends to get stuck on top of a crate with no way to get down. But before Flapjack can save him, A Real Adventurer charges past him and saves K'nuckles. K'nuckles gives up, claiming that Flapjack is always going to be a goof.

A dejected Flapjack begins walking home. On his way, he meets the Sea Urchins. The Sea Urchins instruct him to push a crate into the water, claiming that it's full of poison, and promising that Flapjack will be a hero for sure. Unfortunately, the crate turns out to be full of medicine needed by Dr. Barber. Due to Flapjack's unknowing confession to the newspaper reporter, he is sent to jail, as well as ending up in the newspaper with a non-goofy expression. K'nuckles and Bubbie also end up in jail, and K'nuckles ends up in the newspaper because he helped raise Flapjack.


  • Offeser Norm has a wife.
  • "I'm So Proud of Me" was aired on June 7th
  • The finale appaerence of the Sea Urchins

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