I Wanna Be a Real Adventurer is one of the songs featured in "All Hands on Deck." Flapjack sings as he explains that he wants to become an adventurer. However, the song is interrupted by Bubbie, who couldn't get enough sleep due to his singing, and K'nuckles, who ended the song.


Flapjack: Why do I fell so restless
When it comes to resting easy?
I feel there's something out there for me
But no one seems to believe me.

The open sea is calling me,
Can't they see it's my destiny?

I wanna be a real adventurer,
It's what i'm here for, Bubbie, that's for sure.
I want to travel the whole world wide,
It doesn't matter where I'll just roll with the tides.

I'll be singin' and sailin' and wrestlin' and playin'!
Can't you see that it's what I need?

Bubbie: Baby, is that singing?

Flapjack: Yes, Bubbie. It is me.
I'm just singin' about my destiny on the open sea.

Bubbie: Oh, that's nice sugar but it's late, you know, and Bubbie's gotta get her twelve hours. Could you just keep it down?

Flapjack: Sure Bubbie. I--

Bubbie: No baby, down in volume, Flapjack, not down in pitch.

Flapjack: I'll just keep my open dreams to myself then, I guess.

Bubbie: No baby, that's not what I--

Flapjack: I wanna be--

K'nuckles: ENOUGH! Let's go do something.

Flapjack: Really!?

K'nuckles: Anything to stop that singing.

Flapjack: Oh boy!