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This article is about the Character, for the Episode, see Kid Nickels (episode).

Kid Nickels
Residence Stormalong Harbor
Affiliations The Businessman (current mentor)
Captain K'nuckles (previous mentor)
Giant Guy (first mentor)
Species Human
Occupation Formerly: Cabin Boy
Currently: Accountant in training
First Appearance Kid Nickels
Voice actor S. Scott Bullock

Kid Nickels is a minor character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He is an abusive and mean-spirited cabin boy that appeared in the episode of the same name. He seems to resemble Flapjack, only his face being more orange and having a nose like K'nuckles.


Kid Nickels was originally the cabin boy of a large and ugly adventurer, who had lost him in a card game to K'nuckles. At first, he was a very willing and loyal cabin boy to K'nuckles and eventually replaced Flapjack (who went off to become an apprentice to a banker), but as the episode progressed he began to show his true nature as a very negative person.

In an attempt to win Flapjack back, K'nuckles wrestled Flapjack's new mentor (who just happened to have a passion for wrestling), when it appeared that K'nuckles was on the verge of losing Flapjack.

When the Banker went in pursuit, he later unmasked a thief, who was revealed to actually be Kid Nickels, the cabin-boy tearfully explained that he had a deep love of money and all his life all he ever had was two nickels. As a result, the Banker understood his situation, and sympathized with him, deciding to make him his new apprentice.

They both then shared a warm hug and Kid Nickels subsequently steals his wallet.

He was later last seen as one of the mourners at Captain K'nuckles' funeral in My Guardian Angel Is Killing Me.


  • He has a strong love for fighting, getting what he wants, money, crime, and two nickels.
  • K'nuckle's nickame for Kid Nickels is K'Nickels (inspired by K'nuckles).

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