Flapjack pretends to be cursed by Mute "Mad" Mike in so K'nuckleswill take him to the knot festival but he talks after K'nuckles says the only 2 stations to cure him are singing and cussing (cursing). Afterward, K'nuckles is mad at him and cusses loudly and wins the trophy for best dirty mouth. Flapjack sings until he is sore.


  • The only episode to have bad words in it.
  • This episode marks the debut of Knottsy the Clown.
  • Flapjack sang 302 songs in all.
  • You can see the sea inventor at the festival, which marks his third appearance.
  • Look hard: When Bubbie yells Knuckles after he lied about taking Flapjack to the knot festival, you can see him being squeezed by Bubbie.

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