Lead 'Em and Weep is the 13a episode of the first season.


This episode starts where Flapjack and K'nuckles spy on the people of stormalong to see which one to give a wedgie to. Later on, they find the perfect victim and laugh at his misfortune, angering the now enraged man who is ready to kill the both of them but Bubbie saves them and Bubbie informs Flapjack that wedgies are dangerous. K'nuckles gets kicked out and leaves. Bubbie soon figures out that Flapjack must stop following K'nuckles. The next day, it happened. Flapjack decided he wanted to try to lead K'nuckles around for once but he has trouble being the leader instead of the follower. A kind man training seals gives Flapjack a bell to train K'nuckles just as one of his Seals. With all of the fish being rewarded to K'nuckles and the bops on the nose, Knuckles ends up turning into a seal as well. Eventually K'nuckles goes loose and Flapjack and Bubbie catch K'nuckles with Ambergris and he's back to normal again.


Bubbie: (K'nuckles prepares to walk out of Bubbie with bags) K'nuckles. Just where do you think your going.

K'nuckles: This is usually the part where you kick me out

Bubbie: You don't tell Bubby when Bubbie kicks you out Bubbie tells you when Bubbie kicks you out. (Bubbie's tongue forms a boot and kicks K'nuckles out) YOU'RE KICKED OUT! (swims away)

Bubbie: Flapjack! You can't hang out with K'nuckles unless you do the leading!

Flapjack: But I don't know how to be a leader.

Bubbie: Well you're gonna learn to be a leader OR NO MORE K"NUCKLES!

Bubbie: Bye flappypie have fun leading K'nuckles around today. (clinches fist as a warning sign for K'nuckles if he misbehaves)

K'nuckles: Lead me to somewhere

Flapjack: I can't! (K'nuckles pushes Flapjack. Flapjack's shoes start squeaking as he walks. Soon his eye's got bigger and starts a funny walk)

K'nuckles: Where you leading me Flap?

Flapjack: (Singsong voice) Where ever you wanna go!

Man: (Talking to Flapjack) Having trouble with leading I see.

Flapjack: Hubba What?

K'nuckles: (As Seal) Dork! Dork Dork Dork! Pitchfork!


This is second time K'nuckles gets kicked out.

Dr.Barber appears at the end of the episode.

It's part two of the half-hour special that K'Nuckles got kicked out again

Bubbie may be a sperm whale since she fired ambergris