Lord Nickelbottoms is the richest man in Stormalong Harbor. He lives with Lady Nickelbottoms in a mansion in Upper Stormalong. This mansion is made entirely out of candy and built by Lord Nicklebottom himself. As a child he spent a lot of time playing in the Stormalon well with his favorite bottlecap. However he lost this bottlecap and fell into great sadness. To try and find new happiness he became an adventurer and became very rich indeed. However he was never truely happy. That is until Flapjack, who was becomeing a gentleman himself, returned the bottlecap to him after being caught trying to steal his house. Flapjack had found the bottlecap in the well and had mistaken it for money with which he tried to buy candy.

Despite his 18th century gentlemen's appearance, he has many tatoos from many of his adventures all over. His favorite tatoo is of his long lost bottlecap.