Doctor Matthew Proctor is a zoologist who studied chimpanzees before getting thrown off the island. She only appears in the episode "Off with His Hat."


Dr. Proctor is a thin woman with brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wears circular glasses and brown hiking clothes along with boots.


While she was on the island, Dr. Proctor gave the chimpanzees kisses and talked about the university, this bothered the chimps to the point that they decided not to talk around her. She fell in love with Captain K'nuckles after he was about to be sacrificed by the chimps. Matthew Proctor gets easily annoyed whenever her work gets sabotaged, this shows when Flapjack makes the chimpanzees behave wildly.


When Matthew's chimpanzees were about to sacrifice K'nuckles and Flapjack, Dr. Proctor stepped in and fell in love with K'nuckles. She helped the duo find K'nuckles' hat by hiking up a volcano where the Supreme Leader made K'nuckles risk his life to get his hat back. He succeeded and Flapjack celebrated the victory, making the chimps go crazy. Dr. Proctor was infuriated by this and tried to sign to the Supreme Leader to keep K'nuckles hat. He accidentally threw her into the volcano and the heat of the lava made her fly all the way to another island, where she tried to talk to a pair of ox.


  • Matthew Proctor might be a parody of Jane Goodall, due to the fact that they both study chimpanzees.