The Mechanical Genie is an automaton that plays games with whoever comes on his island in order to cheat them into being his butlers for life. Flapjack and K'nuckles ended up victims of his scheme when he promised to tell them the location of the fabled Candied Island even though he probably didn't know where it was. This is proven when K'nuckles asked him if he knew where Candied Island was, and he responded "yes....maybe". After finally becoming fed up with the genie's constant, ridiculous demands, K'nuckles ends up beating him violently with a screw driver. This then reveals the Mechanical Genie to be the toy of a giant baby. After proclaiming they will no longer stay knowing the baby cheated, the baby traps them in a prison of giant Lincoln logs. After Flapjack and the baby begin playing a game of "Guess the Number" it then switches back to the ball of the game the genie was playing in the beginning, showing him to actually be a resident of Stormalong Harbor. An annoyed Flapjack then runs up and rips his power cord from a barrel behind him, ending the episode.


The Giant Baby who owned the Mechanical Genie.

MG Game

The Mechanical Genies's cup & ball game


  • He has red, glowing eyes ("eyeholes" he calls them). When he is "asleep" his eyes are not glowing and they are pointed upward to each side. In both ways, this can freak out anyone (including Flapjack & K'nuckles). They moved to the side on cue when Flapjack said that he couldn't escape his island because he was watching them.
  • He has a white turban with a blue jewel in the center of his wooden head, two golden earrings, a mustache with what looks like a small goatee, purple clothing, a necklace around his neck, and a ring on his right hand.


  • He can trick people by making his games harder after a player's attempt (his specialty, the cup & ball one)
  • He has a wheel on the bottom of his box; he only used it once to smash Flapjack and K'nuckles' raft (their only transportation to escape his island).
  • He manipulates anyone who dares to step onto his island by turning them into "butlers for life".