Mechanicial Genie Island is the 11a episode of the first season.


Flapjack and K'nuckles get stranded on an island with a genie that makes them his slaves for eternity. K'nuckles later destroys it only to become a giant baby's eternal playmate. The episode ends with Flapjack pulling a switch.


  • After K'nuckles was seen eating, K'nuckels is seen wearing red pants but K'nuckles dosen't wear pants.
  • Also he said pants are for sisses (in the episode that's a wrap)
  • In 100 Percensus, K'nuckles cannot count past 3, but in this episode he can.
  • When Mechanical Genie made K'nuckles mad, he turned purple, started screeching like a monster, and then exploded. after the "bomb" went off his head re-emerged only to kick down the sand castle "breaking" the Genie.
  • Bubbie is completely absent in this episode, raising the question as to where she is and why she couldn't have just come and rescued Flapjack and K'nuckles.

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