My Guardian Angel is Killing Me is the first half of the 19th episode in the first season of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Flapjack must protect K'nuckles no matter what, even if it drives K'nuckles to his grave.


It all started when the duo are on an island and Flapjack was playing when he had ran into a giant crab and sees K'nuckles as prey and trys to eat him. Flapjack tries to throw sand when it lands on his head and it causes him to sneeze and it lands on the crab's eyes and causes him to retreat. Flapjack tells Bubbie about what he did to save K'nuckles and Bubbie says he is a guardian angel sent to protect someone and K'nuckles is the one who needs protecting. When  K'nuckles is being protected by Flapjack he gets very annoyed and he can't do anything fun anymore. He runs to Dr.Barber and he suggets hypnotizing K'nuckles and giving him a special liquid to wake him up and leave stormalong forever and have fun.  He hypnotizes K'nuckles and at his funeral everyone said some good words and bad word s about the captin.K'nuckles is still able to hear everything  and see everything just that he can't talk. Dr.Barber forgets he needs to pour the liquid and goes on a cruise. He however, had the liquid close enough to him and when he was going to be put in the ocean Flapjack was going to say his final farewell to K'nuckles when he cries on him he wakes him up when Flapjack sees the bottle the liquid in is made out of 100% guardian angel tears makes everyone come to the conclusion that Flapjack is really a guardian angel!