Over the Moon is part of the third episode of season two. The episode features Flapjack and K'nuckles trying to use the moon to get to Candied Island.

This episode was paired with Who's Moochin' Who? .


Flapjack, Bubbie and K'nuckles are fleeing Eight-Armed Willy when Bubbie crashes, sending Flapjack and K'nuckles flying at The Moon. The moon rises, separating the trio until the next day. K'nuckles convinces The Moon that he is the moon's king, and that the moon should carry the duo to Candied Island. The Moon's chaotic attempt to locate Candied Island sinks boats and washes over islands. The destruction garners the attention of Poseidon, who confronts the moon and tells him he must listen only to Poseidon, that there is no moon king, & and that the moon must travel only up or down. The moon is angry that K'nuckles has gotten him in trouble and refuses to take them anywhere. Flapjack & K'nuckles spot Candied Island, but Flapjack is scared to leave the moon and miss meeting back up with Bubbie. K'nuckles decides to make the duo jump, only to be held back by the moon's gravitational pull. Flapjack manages to taste Candied Island with his saliva before being pulled back to the moon.


  • Over The Moon was orginally titled, "Moon King".