K'nuckles takes Flapjack to the story tellers club only to find out that his old story telling buddies have retired and have been replaced by a group of youngsters.K'nuckless tries to fit in with the new group but fails as he is not hip anymore,but Flapjack however is very popular amongst the new group.K'nuckles then tries to fit in some times but fails.He then tries to rec the place when its closed and nobody is there but he finds out that that group of youngsters kidnapped his old story Telling buddies and that they have been holding them hostage the whole time.The police then come to arrest the group of youngsters and everything returns to normal.


  • This is first episode with live action kids as the announcer mentioned in the beginning: "The following episode was drawn before a live studio audience."
  • This is second appearance of the Sea Urchins and their first one in the second season.
  • K'nuckles has a lot of expressions during the episode.
  • Oliver is not the leader of the pack though he is 2nd in command but for some reason he is called chet
  • The fat black eye urchin talks in this episode

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