Return of Sally Syrup is the 34b episode of the middle season.


Sally Syrup returns to Stormalong and she is angry at her father, The Professor, and henpecks him out of the flying machine. Flapjack tries to convince Sally that Stormalong is not boring. Many of the plans backfire,but when Sally makes Flapjack write a message on a paper used to make a candy wrapper (You smell) to a very anger-prone pirate, Sally takes things a bit too far, and both end up on a pirate ship. Luckily when the pirates attack them, Sally is a very good fighter (First she says often "You wouldn't hit a little girl,would ya?" sweetly and the pirate will say "I guess not." and then Sally punches or kicks them.) and defeats the pirates.Then the captain ties Flapjack and Sally, before being drowned, the captain smells his armpit and says that he does smell and says the candy wrapper was right, and are set free. Then The Professor has his invention fixed and Sally protests then her dad says that she complained all morning, then leaves, Flapjack and Sally have a moment then she leaves (they stare at each other romantically). Then Sally said what she liked best today was spending it with Flapjack and he asks if this was true, and Sally responded "No,just kidding,dummy.". After she leaves, Flapjack says, "There goes my heart." so he must've loved her.


Final appearance of Professor, Sally Syrup and Black Beard.


  • Since Flagship, this is K'nuckles' first minor role.
  • Sally may be lying about her just kidding about when she said what she liked best today and maybe it was true and she also does love Flapjack.
  • The Flying Inventor is revealed to be Sally Syrup's father.
  • K'nuckles doesn't have any lines in this episode.

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