Episode/ Production #
Air Date
August 14, 2008
Thurop Van Orman and JG Quintel
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Revenge is the 11b episode of the first season.


Flapjack and K'nuckles are forced to clean a boat due to unpaid tickets given to them by the Dock Hag because they parked Bubbie illegally. While Flapjack cleans, K'nuckles tells Flapjack about enemies and how an adventurer is measured in the number of enemies he has. Flapjack tries to make enemies in Stormalong Harbor, but it all backfires because something good happens to them after they do it. Eventully, the ugly, deformed boat sailors tell Flapjack he is their enemy, because they can see their ugliness in the polished boat. K'nuckles tries to distract the boat sailors by letting Flapjack make his enemy acceptance speech, but Flapjack tells the boat sailors how K'nuckles made him clean the whole boat and they realize that they've been tricked and see that K'nuckles tried to frame Flapjack and the boat sailors defeats K'nuckles. Bubbie tells Flapjack that he's too sweet to make enemies, and upset K'nuckles gives Flapjack a letter about how learn he is not enemy, despite the fact that other episodes emphasize his illiteracy.


Whenever Flapjack tries to make an enemy in "Revenge," something happens making him/her his new best friend.

Running Gag:

1) Squeaking and scrubbing sounds often play in the background. (Instead of the original background music.)

2) Every time Flapjack intentionally tries to make an enemy, it backfires on him. Bubbie only says one line in "Revenge." K'nuckles has written enemies on his arms, legs, and he has a list in a box on his leg. The first person on K'nuckles' enemies list is Eight-Armed Willy


K'nuckles: What are you doing?

Flapjack: I'm becoming an adventurer! (gasps)

Slippery Pete: Whoever did this to me is gonna be my... (mermaids appear) NEW BEST FRIEND!

K'nuckles: You got to do something real nasty to one of your enemies.

Flapjack: How can I hurt a sea anemone?! (a pair of live sea anemones appear on screen)

K'nuckles: No! An enemy! Someone you really hate!

Flapjack: But everyone's real nice to me!

Dock Hag: (jealously) Hey, you lazy, good-for-nothing, little shipwreck! You think I can't see you not working? You are the ugliest kid I've ever seen! Now get back to work!

Flapjack: Okay, thanks, friend! (smiles)

K'nuckles: You have bigger problems than I thought.

Flapjack: Sorry Friends.

Sailor: Friends? We’re not friends, we’re...enemies.

(Enemies repeat 3 times, and Flapjack’s smile becomes bigger.)

Sailor: And now we’re gonna teach you a lesson.

(The sailors pick up Flapjack, and throws Flapjack twice, making Flapjack laughing.)


ugly sailors