It starts with Flapjack playing with a dog on the docks. K'nuckles becomes angry and throws the dog into the sea. Soon they figure out it was Lady Nickelbottoms' pet dog, Colonel. Seeing how devastated Lady Nickelbottoms is without the Colonel, K'nuckles leaves and searches for the dog while Flapjack dresses like the dog until the real Colonel is found. Once K'nuckles finds Colonel, the two begin to bond in a dog-like fashion. Meanwhile Ladynickelbottoms, still thinking Flapjack is the Colonel, is having a wonderful time, leaving Lady Nickelbottom's butler Charles in the dust. It even comes down to Lady Nickelbottoms using Charles's birthday to celebrate the Colonel's. It's obvious that Charles is envious of how much attention the Colonel is receiving and he decides to get rid of him. Soon Colonel tells K'nuckles that Charles wants the dog out of the picture and the two race off to rescue Flapjack. Before Charles could throw Flapjack into the sea, K'nuckles, Colonel, and Lady Nicklebottoms arrive and stop him. Charles apologizes and admits that he was jealous of the Colonel. In turn, Lady Nickelbottoms apologizes for not paying enough attention to Charles and makes up for it. The episode ends with Colonel thinking about being the mayor.


  • During the song, K'nuckles is shown without his hat while playing with Colonel. These were the same from the previous episodes, Shave and a Haircut, Two Friends, Love Bugs, Off With His Hat and Candy Casanova.
  • Bubbie does not appear in this episode.
  • Colonel replaces K'nuckles II in this episode.
  • This is the second time Lady Nickelbottoms gets tricked into going into the closet. The first time was in The Sweet Life.
  • Second episode with Lady nickelbottoms and Charles in it.
  • K'nuckles looks different in this episode (his nose is bigger).
  • During the Cartoon Network Studios logo at the end, instead of Flapjack's laugh, it is replaced with the sound of a dog barking.

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