Episode / Production #
22 / 202
Air Date
Aug 6, 2009
No information

Flapjack is exhausted by greeting the residents of Stormalong Harbor everyday. When Captain K'nuckles comes home & complains that his life is hard, Bubbie & Flapjack laugh at him. Flap & K'nuckles make paper mache masks of each other to see just how hard each other's lives are. K'nuckles is shocked to see how tiresome talking to everyone is, and how willing they are to trust Flapjack. Flap is dismayed to learn just how much Captain K'nuckles is disrespected at the harbor until he discovers K'nuckles has been looting Stormalong Harbor dressed as him. Flap forgives the captain just as the police show up to arrest Flap. It's then discovered that several people have been running around dressed as Flapjack and the police can't arrest anymore "Flapjacks". SHUT iT aired along with Who's Moochin' Who?


  • Bubbie wears glasses.
  • The first time K'nuckles robbed a bank.
  • Why is it called Shut It when Bubbie's tooth open (like a door) is not the main problem?
  • The first time Flapjack got into a fight with K'nuckles. This happened again in Two Old Men and a Locked Box.

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