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SS K'nuckles is the 27a episode of the middle season.


A deranged criminal named Baron Bezerker was busy strangling a person, Flapjack watches him with a cute smile, Bezerker notices young flapjack and growls, K'nuckles just brings Flapjack to the boat sale, Knuckles says he wanted the boat but does'nt have money, a man talks to them saying he's selling a boat for 1 pence, Knuckles fixed some 84th of the coin, Flapjack gives K'nuckles


At the end of "S.S K'nuckies," K'nuckles says he never learned to sail.

This is the second appearance of Muscular Accountant.


"S.S. K'nuckies" aired September 24th.

the only apparence of Baron Berserker.

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