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Sally Syrup
Sally Syrup
Residence Various
Family The Professor (father)
The Inventor (uncle)
Species Human
First Appearance Love Bugs
Voice actor Jackie Buscarino

Sally Syrup is a recurring character on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. She is a young, mischievous girl who makes her debut in the episode, "Love Bugs." She makes a second appearance in "The Return of Sally Syrup." She is voiced by Jackie Buscarino.


She has brown hair and pigtails. She has freckles and brown eyes. She wears pilot goggles on top of her head, a light green scarf, dark green dress, striped lime-and-white stockings, and Mary Jane shoes.

Relationship with Flapjack

Flapjack and Sally met in the episode, Love Bugs, when Sally was selling seashells at a seashell stand. While staring at Sally, Flapjack had hearts floating over his head, causing him and others to believe he is in love with her.

However, when Flapjack put one of Sally's shells to his ear, the hearts turned out to be a nest of blood-gnats from Blood Island.

At the end of the episode, Sally leaves Stormalong Harbor while her and Flapjack wave goodbye exclaiming that they don't love each other.


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