Flapjack finds a pair of giant legs at sea so he and K'nuckles try to find its rightful owner.But K'nuckles becomes obessed with the legs and does not want to give them up, abusing his oppertunity by stealing things a sea monster comes to stormalong looking for his legs Flapjack gives him K'nuckles his small legs and the owner battles him until Flapjack says instead of forcing him to give up the legs they make the legs come to him. The legs go to the monster who uses them to destroy what's left of Stormalong while K'nuckles insult his own legs and [the legs] ditched them


This is the second appearnce of CGI animated Peppermint Larry since That's a Wrap.

We hear Bubbie singing for the first time.

This is the first time K'nuckles has obessions with something. He is seen in "K'nuckles and His Hilarious Problem" having candy rot, leading to an extreme obsession with candy.

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