The short starts with Flapjack diving into the water. The sea quickly spits him out. He jumps in a few times,but the sea always spits him out. K'nuckles then points out that the sea is sick of him. So Flapjack gives it some comic books to read. K'nuckles laughs and asks if he's gonna give it more comic books as a joke. But Flapjack got more comic books. A man then walks by and asks what's wrong. Flapjack points out that the sea is sick. Then the man asks,"What is the first thing you do in the morning?". Flapjack replys,"Go swimming!". The man says if Flapjack makes going to the bathroom the first thing he does the sea will be fine. It proves that Flapjack peed in the water a few times and the sea is sick of it.

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