Sea Urchins is the 13th episode in Season 1, alongside with "Lead 'Em and Weep."


Flapjack uses all of the polish Bubbie uses on her bells, so K'nuckles takes Flapjack to the bad side of Stormalong Harbor to get more. The duo encounter poor street urchin kids who demand their sea urchin ball back but Flapjack calls them sissies. Flapjack explains what happened and worries if Bubbie was mad but she was actually angry at K'nuckles who yells at him for feeding dangerous information to Flapjack. K'nuckles explains that they are both responcible. The sea Urchins leader Oliver asks K'nuckles if they have seen Flapjack. K'nuckles purposely reveals Flapjack's location. The urchins  try to fight Flapjack only to be stopped by an angry Bubbie who threatens to flatten them if they come near him again. Flapjack invites them over for dinner and the urchins reward them with a song and a dance routine. The next morning, however, they discover the urchins have took off with their possessions, including Bubbie's prized bell collection.

Flapjack and K'nuckles track them down, and the urchins challenge them to a dance off. When the urchin's star dancer, Cheeks, takes a fall, the urchin's father steps in to intervene and accuses the urchins of nearly killing his son and calls Jerry, who is the father of the urchin's leader, Oliver, the urchin's blame K'nuckles (who was the reason of what happened yesterday) but then recognizes K'nuckles long standing idol status in the bad part of Stormalong Harbor for his ability to "Do nothing for nobody". At the end, the urchins and their fathers give the bell collection back, and Flapjack invites them inside Bubbie who can't seem to take that many people into her mouth.


  • First appearance of The Sea Urchins.
  • Apparently, K'nuckles is famous for not doing anything for anybody.
  • This is only time, Bubbie talks through her blowhole.


Bubbie: Oh, how'd you get so shiny?
Flapjack: With your last bottle of self polish.
Bubbie: Flapjack, that's shelf polish!
Choir: Ra-ling a ding ding!
Flapjack: (to the Sea Urchins) Why don't you stay for dinner with us?
Bubbie: Honey, I don't think that's a good idea.
Flapjack: But I thought you told me to be nice again.
Bubbie: Well, I guess I did, pudding-pop, but uhh, just make sure they wipe their feet before they come in.
Flapjack: Eh?
K'nuckles: Ehhhhh?
Flapjack: Eeeeehhhhh?
K'nuckles: Eeeeheeeehhhh?

Flapjack, K'nuckles, Bubbie and the Choir, Sea Urchins