The Sea of Teeth as seen on a map

The Sea of Teeth is a dangerous body of water near Stormalong Harbor.



Bubbie about to be devoured by a sea serpent

The Sea of Teeth is a large green ocean that appears to be in a constant state of darkness as numerous storm clouds are always hovering over it. It is infested with numerous sea monsters of all kinds, ranging from sea serpents to even the mythical Kraken. Flapjack, K'nuckles, and Bubbie along with The Inventor of the Whoosh were the only ones to ever survive the sea's dangerous has a slight resemblance to the Sargasso Sea once feared by early sailors because of the algae and seaweed that often stopped boats in their tracks. The vicious Eight-Armed Willy resides here as well within a small undersea cave that is connected to the Stormalong laundromat.


Willys Lair

Eight-Armed Willy's lair


A giant Lobster and Eight-Armed Willy

The sea monsters seen in the Sea of Teeth are all of incredible size and strength and unlike the other characters seen in the series they are drawn in a style similar to ancient Greek art.

Below is a list of the creatures seen in the Sea of Teeth: