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Several Leagues Above the Sea! is the fifth episode of Season 1. This episode marks the first appearance of The Professor, The Inventor's twin brother.



Flapjack finds out that Bubbie would like to be a bird, and then The Professer crashes and he showed Flapjack the plan for "The Grand Flying Contraption". Captain K'nuckles thinks that the Professer is a weirdo. Flapjack and the Professer then builds The Grand Flying Contraption, and Bubbie is "the important passanger". Bubbie then finds out that the Professer loves her, and he then goes to the bottom of the contraption. Then his brother/enemy comes in Whoosh, and they go back to Stormalong Harbor, and turns out, that both the "Grand Flying Contraption" and Whoosh get destroyed.


"Well, at least they aren't triplets." --- Flapjack

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