Shave and a Haircut... Two Friends! is the seventh episode of Season 1. This episode mostly marks Doctor Barber "introduction" (he appeared for the first time in Eye Sea You, but only as a cameo)



Flapjack becomes "Blind" after trying to read a map. They go to Doctor Barber for a haircut, and a hot towel treatment...and Doctor Barber steals the map, Flapjack became "blind" from. They look for the map, only to discover that Flapjack's so "blind" that he developed very very very well hearing. They find him and they also towels. They get there...but they fail and it looks like Doctor Barber was about to kill Flapjack...until he says "Give him a haircut!". K'nuckles asks for a toilet (A place to swab his "poop" deck.) and they cut Flapjack's hair. Flapjack reads the map and it leads to.....friendship. The greatest treasure. (Dear K'nuckles, i "Treasure" our friendship. Love, Flapjack.). The episode ends with Bubbie getting a hot towel treatment and all the creatures in her hair one too.

Ending Gag

Wet hair is in the shape of the words "The End" while Doctor Barber's sweepers sing "Theeeeeeeeeee endddddddddd".


  • Doctor Barber does not like poison.
  • Goof: When K'nuckles was talking about the poop deck, his right leg was missing. This was only because Flapjack was holding it.
  • If you look closely at Flapjack's hair, you realize it's greasy. Doctor Barber should have given him a shampoo and rinse along with that final haircut and a hot towel.