The Snarks

Snarks are race of creatures who look like nutcrackers in whaler outfits. They speak "Snarklish," a unique language of belching and flatulence. Snarks have a strange and possibly incredibly painful task of "snarking" everyone other than a snark they meet. The Snarks eat whales and their ship is made of whale bones or at least that's what it appears to be, as a whale could be their national symbol and the bones could be something else. Flapjack was trying to find Bubbie on the ship, but failed only because of Bubbie was not on the ship.


Snarklish is the primary language of the Snarks which mostly consists of belching and flatulence, although Slippery Pete understands it quite well; their written alphabet bears a resemblence to a fusion of Russian & Swahilli and something in between. Some are known to speak english, but in a rough accent.


There are only 2 types

  • Cops (Jailors)
  • Whalers


  • They seemed to be based on Russian soldiers
  • The snarks share the same name with a creature from Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark."