Stormalong Harbor

Stormalong Harbor is the main location of the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. It is a large port city that Flapjack and his friends call home. 


It appears to be broken into 2 main sections, Upper Stormalong and Lower Stormalong.

Upper Stormalong is home to the wealthiest citizens, and has vegetation-growing land attached to it. Lower Stormalong consists of docks, shops, and the poor. It is run by the Dock Hag. One side of Lower Stormalong is considered "The Bad Part of Town". 

The Sewers of Stormalong are intricate and far reaching, despite the fact that the harbor appears to be completely lifted above sea level.

Stormalong Harbor is surrounded by a variety of dangerous areas such as the Sea of Teeth and The Wessst. For this reason, only the toughest sailors and adventurers dare to tread its waters.

Areas of Interest


Birds eye view of Stormalong


  • Stormalong Harbor was built on a dock, yet it has a working sewer system. 
  • Most of the citizens of Stormalong never venture outside of the city.
  • Everyone seems to be American that lives in Stormalong so the city may be located near the United States.
  • In the episode, 100 PercensusFlapjack paddles out to sea during a game of Hide-and-Seek, and is shown to be in the North Sea. This suggesting that the town of Stormalong is in the North Sea and near Northern Europe.
  • It also appears in Project Exonaut as a battlefield.

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