The Bottom of the World

The Bottom of the World is how the residents of Stormalong Harbor refer to Antarctica. It was only seen in the episode "Sittin' Muscle".



The Flying Penguins and a shivering white sea monster

Notable residents include:

  • Flying Penguins
  • Several types of white, furry sea monsters that are constantly shivering from the cold.


  • The Bottom of the World is called so ironically in spite of the fact K'nuckle's (And most other residents of Stormalong Harbor) believe that the world is flat (The edge of the world is in the Wessst).
  • The Bottom of the World has an ironic name, as it was there that K'nuckles lost most of his backside.
  • The sea monsters in The Bottom of the World are always shivering because of the cold, yet Captain K'nuckles says that "it's because they're so nervous. They're hiding out [there] because they owe people money".