The Choir is an unknown entity that is heard throughout every episode singing the name of an item Flapjack obtains in an amusing melody. The Choir has also announced characters such as Lady Nickelbottoms and The Businessman. It is unknown who or what it is but Flapjack seems to be aware of it for in some episodes he is seen trying to find the voice's source. It might be an otherworldly entity that for some reason likes to sing the names of things that appear.


  • The voice actor is unknown and anything about it is unknown, although traces of Mark "Thurop" Van Orman's voice can be detected if one pays close attention...
  • It has a nice voice
  • It sings in melody
  • It sings as a honkey-tonk choir in How the West was Fun.


  • Two pieces of candy!
  • Adventure!
  • Flapjack realizes nobody respects Captain K'nuckles!
  • A business man!
  • A real adventurer!
  • Power huuuuggggg!
  • Overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm- YEEEHAW!
  • Caaaandied Islaaaaand
  • Iiiiit's a penciiiiiiil."
  • The most beautiful man in the woooorld.
  • The tightest knot in the world.
  • A box with his (K'nuckles') name on it!
  • Friends 'til the end.
  • If you can fit into these, they're freeeeee!
  • It's a piece of fancy candy from the beginning of the episoooooooode, ba da da da da.