Sally Syrup returns to Stormalong Harbor after a crash.


The episode starts with Flapjack, Bubbie and Captain K'nuckles sleeping peacefully. Bubbie and Flapjack are loudly awakened by a stalled motor noise which goes on for a long time (3 hours). Flapjack goes to investigate the source of the noise and it turns out to be Sally Syrup's airship.

Flapjack then hears Sally Syrup and The Professor (who is her dad and the brother of The Inventor) arguing inside the stalled airship. Sally storms out of the ship onto the dock. Flapjack is thrilled to see Sally Syrup but she is upset when she finds out she's back in Stormalong Harbor. Sally is upset because she thinks Stormalong is boring and "smelly".

Flapjack sets out with Sally to prove to her that Stormalong is an exciting place and introduces her to various residents and points out numerous highlights of Stormalong. Sally is not impressed and eventually cajoles Flapjack into pulling pranks on some of the locals.

This leads to trouble when a visiting Pirate ship falls victim to one of their pranks and the Pirate Captain and his crew decide to take revenge on Flapjack, Sally, and the Candy Barrel.

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