Under the Sea Monster is the finale 30b episode of the middle season.


Captain K'nuckles decides to teach Flapjack about the 'harmless' act of lying and how it can be an adventurer's best tool. But when Flapjack lies to Captain K'nuckles about seeing a sea monster, Captain K'nuckles' reaction leads to the citizens of Stormalong Harbor panicking over this lie, then banishing Captain K'nuckles to live his life on the bottom of the ocean floor for his heinous lie. Now Flapjack has to figure out a way to get Captain K'nuckles out of trouble.


It is learned that if one rings a bell that a sea monster is coming, and there's no sea monster, a citizen of Stormalong is forced to live underwater unless a sea monster actually came.

Running gags in this episode:

1. A 'live' audience keeps reacting to various things characters say or do. 2. Someone panicking about a sea monster.


"Under the Sea Monster" airs November 12 at 8:30pm.

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