• Nexam

    Flapjack's possible identity

    January 26, 2010 by Nexam

    As everyone knows, Flapjack is a very cheerful, radiant, kind and caring person. He would do anything to help people out. In one episode he claims to have beat Eight-armed Willy at armwrestling, showing that he must have tremendous strength. In most episodes he always figures out the best way what should be done, showing that he is intelligent. Of course you can read all of this on the wiki so I will get o the point. I believe that Flapjack is the Prince of Candy Island. He has all the properties of a classic prince and the kindness they should have. Wouldn't it be great if theseries finale shows Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles and Bubbie arriving to Candy Island and its possible inhabitants throwing a celebration for the return of theiā€¦

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