W.D. Muttonfluffer is the creator of the Cinematogrograph film camera who first appeared and only major role in the episode Balance.

In his appearance he was sending out messages in a bottle to many of the citizens in Stormalong Harbor informing them of his Show of Never Seen Wonders where he was going to present the very first feature film in Stormalong (which is actually nothing more than a film of himself walking on a sidewalk for a long period of time and then sitting down), but nonetheless the audience was frightened and amazed at the never before seen "magic picture show". Eventually after three hours of watching the audience finally realizes how boring the film truly is and leave; in an attempt to try and get his audience back W.D. tries to find something better to film and he luckily comes upon Flapjack who is balancing on a board in the ocean and seeing this he realizes that Flapjack's stunt is perfect for his next film and as he suspected the film and many others earn him a fortune and his theater becomes grossly popular and later on he integrates K'nuckles into his films which now add them a humor factor and thus makes his films more famous.

His name is a reference to D. W. Griffith, an American film director from the early 1910s, most famous for directing the 1915 film The Birth of a Nation.