The Westman is an evil looking hermit who sits on an anchored rowboat and stares at any passerby. He first appeared in the episode How the West was Fun.

If anyone dares attempt to enter The Wessst, he glares at them, and shapes his fingers into a "W", while hissing the word "Wesssssssst!!". All of this is done in a matter of moments. His sole purpose is to scare anyone who tries to enter the dangerous direction. It is unknown how he came to The Wessst, why he does what he does, or how he survives sitting in a rowboat with no movement. Possible theories are that he gets his food from a Wessst monster who was seen asking Flapjack and K'nuckles if they wanted a french fry. It also might be that he is a ghost or zombie who died in the Wessst, though that is highly unlikely, as he is not translucent nor does he have rotting flesh. It is also unknown wether the Westman is a good, yet insane creature trying to prevent people from certain death, or just a weird old hobo with nothing else to do. He was caught by Arthritis.


The Westman is a hideous, disheveled loner with jaundiced, weathered skin, menacing red eyes and crooked teeth. He goes shirtless, wearing only a pair of old pants that coincidentally bear the word "Flapjax" on the back. His most striking feature is his signature catchphrase ("Wesssssst!") and its accompanying "W" gesture. The Westman's voice is raspy and reminiscent of a snake whenever he uses the letter "S". His hands are very bony and arthritic looking, which add an especially creepy effect when used in his gesture. He also appears in K'nuckles' and Flapjack's mirage after they drank too much seawater in the same episode.